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Sleeping like a Baby

 SUSIE ROTCH  Psychologist

A self-help and guided self-hypnosis course to help rediscover your natural ability to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

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The HypnoBooks are a brilliant new development of image-based, self-help courses.

The HypnoBooks are an instruction manual and a DVD. They present a series of courses that incorporate the repeated screening of an hour long DVD program that affords you the time to enjoy a self-paced and deeply relaxing experience.

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Viewing the DVD quietly, safely in your own home, you can build up your skills of memory and imagination. These are the tools you need to invisage and then create a new outlook on your life. This is a self-administrated, self-help course to help you change the conscious and unconscious blockages that may be stopping you from living the life you want.

Firstly the HypnoBook manuals help you plan the course of your new life enjoying the ability to sleep restfully. Then the trance-inducing DVD allows you to settle these new ideas into your unconscious and so fully resource yourself for the changes you want. The gentle hypnotic images providing self-help in an enjoyable and entertaining format.

Some assumptions about sleep.

Sleep is the most natural of functions. You were born knowing how to do it as naturally as your lungs know how to breathe, or your heart knows how to beat. Somehow something has intervened between your natural, inborn capacity to sleep and the actual event. This difficulty in sleeping is called insomnia.

Sleeping Like a Baby is a unique program that has been designed to combine both the healing principles of self-awareness and the power of the unconscious mind. This course offers the techniques to methodically establish, reinforce and achieve your goals and a unique DVD / video program to help you improve the quality of your life.

Together, book and DVD combine to provide you with the tools to begin the road to successfully improving your sleep habits and reaching the point where you rediscover what truly natural sleep feels like.

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The Contents of the Manual / Journal include:

  1. WHY YOU NEED THIS PROGRAM      ( See sample below )
    How is it you can’t sleep easily?
    How this program works

    Some strategies for using the program
    Understanding the way your mind works
    Creating new habits

    Introducing the procedure to use

    Why goals are important
    Setting clear, achievable goals
    Reviewing your goals

    Focusing your mind
    Harnessing your memory to achieve your goals
    Using your imagination to achieve your goals
    Using your imagination to strengthen your goals

    Achieving your goals a step at a time
    And the good news Is ....

    Reviewing your goals


Please note the DVD component isavailable in PAL ( European standard TV ) and NTSC ( US standard TV )

$29.95 + P&H

ISBN 1 876687 04 5
Published 2004 

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How is it you can’t sleep properly? - ( excerpt from Chapter 1 Introduction )

Sleep is the most natural of functions. Yet one in four adults and many younger people too have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Once you have insomnia, the most common treatment that you are prescribed is sleeping pills. Unfortunately sleeping pills soon lose their effectiveness. Sometimes the unfortunate insomnia sufferers find themselves with the additional problems of side effects from the medication and even drug dependency. This can set up a vicious cycle, which insomnia sufferers will often describe as leaving them feeling helpless and frustrated.

Even if you do sleep with the aid of medication, it’s not the same as natural sleep, because the artificial sleep induced by sleeping pills doesn’t include dreaming, which is the refreshing stage of the sleep cycle. So you are liable to feel tired and lacking in energy even after a full night of this drug-induced sleep.

Fortunately there are other ways of overcoming insomnia, where you can take control of your life for yourself and end up not only sleeping better, but also managing your life more effectively.

How this program works.

The research, psychological theory and principles upon which the program is based, recognise that you already have an array of potential resources to recover the ability to sleep well. These personal resources include the natural ability to relax and an ability to choose what you pay attention to.

The program also includes a revolutionary new development. For the first time, the known ability of moving images on a screen to focus attention is harnessed in this way for therapeutic ends to increase your ability to learn and use self-hypnosis to give you that wonderful refreshing sleep that you crave.

Why a DVD?

Moving images on a screen together with the spoken word are known to be a powerful hypnotic medium. Millions of people for a hundred years now have gone to the movies and willingly suspended their belief in a public yet very private place and let their imaginations soar. You can respond to and weave many messages on many levels through the flow of images and words. And that’s why there is a DVD component to this program.

The images in the DVD / video are of a baby settling down and then dropping into a calm and secure sleep. The guiding, spoken words are mixed with a very slow natural heartbeat that in turn blends with a gently pulsing water sparkle which floats beneath the sleeping child. The gently pulsing ripples float in and out with the natural intervals of deep, refeshing sleep.

This program will teach you to recognise, extend and actually enjoy applying skills you already have.

It will also help you to learn new skills and apply them. I estimate that by the time you have successfully completed the program you will have gained as much as you would have from attending ten to twelve individual therapy sessions. This will be at a vastly lower cost in time money and frustration. And you learn how to be your own therapist in the process!

With this learning you can handle your life more effectively to give yourself Sleep Like a Baby and the personal satisfaction that you aspire to in your life. You can use your internal resources to change the counter-productive habits that stop you from sleeping. As part of this process the program can help you to review other habits and develop ones that increase your sense of mastery over, and overall satisfaction with your life.

You may find that you sleep more, or you may find that, although you don’t sleep more, the sleep that you do get is more refreshing and enthuses you more for your life. If you get the same good effect with less rather than more sleep, then that is clearly what your body needs, no matter what your pre-conceptions are about what is the right amount of sleep for you.

Remember peoples’ need for sleep is highly individual and variable. In the long run your aim is to feel well, refreshed and energised for each day. If this program helps you to do so, no matter how then it has been successful ....and so have you.


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Sleeping like a baby
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