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How to get the Very Best
from your Teaching or Training Group - DVD
A Manual of 280 pages plus a 60 minute DVD video

Susie Rotch Psychologist


Leadership skills
The evidence and application on DVD

The innovative and comprehensive theory of this book is substantially repeated in this DVD to allow readers ready access to the material for review and consolidation.

The DVD illustrates the three psychological models presented in part 1 of the manual. These models are explained in a wide variety of learning group situations to suggest the universality of the concepts. The video melds each model into a unique three-way matrix to make clear the inter-relatedness of the three group management theories.

The DVD / Video also includes a graphic explanation of the elements of managing group anxiety
The menu-driven system of the DVD allows for quick and direct access to those initial parts of the course that you might need to clarify or reinforce. As a learning tool, it is a valuable addition to the acquisition of new information and understanding.

DVD Chapters.    
Motivation,  group process,  leadership style,  managing anxiety.

Graphic from DVD

1.     Susie’s introduction.

2.      In the beginning there were groups.
2.1    Introduction to behavioural models.

3.      How to motivate your group:
         Maslow’s Hierarchy.
3.1    Group members age and level in the hierarchy.
3.2    Applying the hierarchy to your group.
3.3    How to motivate your group.
3.4    The cycle of needs.

4.     A group over time:
        Tuckman and Jarman.

4.1   Group stage as development.
4.2   Group stage as part of a cycle.
4.3   Comparing the two models.
4.4   Applying the two models to your group.

5.     The right leadership style:
        Hersey and Blanchard.

5.1    Group maturity and leadership style.
5.2    Mismatch of group maturity and leadership style.
5.3    Comparing the three models.

6.      Managing anxiety.
6.1   Controlling anxiety using the group models.

7.      The final word.

The DVD component of this program is available in
NTSC ( US TV standard ) and
PAL ( Australian / European TV standard ).

AUS$99.95 + P&H
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Leadership: Part 1: Process and Leadership Skills

Leadership: Part 2: Structure, Planning and Timing  

Leadership: Part 3: What makes groups effective, roles in groups, self rating and
                          what makes a good group leader, self care and personal development,
                          the ethics of group leadership.

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