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Journeying to Healing

SUSIE ROTCH  Psychologist

A self-help and guided self-hypnosis course to develop your ability to live a full life in the face of chronic illness.

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The HypnoBooks are a brilliant new development of image-based, self-help courses

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The HypnoBooks are an instruction manual and a DVD. They present a series of courses that incorporate the repeated screening of an hour long DVD program that affords you the time to enjoy a self-paced and deeply relaxing experience.

Viewing the DVD quietly, safely in your own home, you can build up your skills of memory and imagination. These are the tools you need to invisage and then create a new outlook on your life. This is a self-administrated, self-help course to help you change the conscious and unconscious blockages that may be stopping you from living the life you want.

Firstly the HypnoBook manuals help you plan the course of your new life enjoying the valuable resources of your life. Then the trance-inducing DVD allows you to settle these new ideas into your unconscious and so fully resource yourself for the changes you want. The gentle hypnotic images providing self-help in an enjoyable and entertaining format.

Some assumptions about living with chronic pain

We build our lives from within - we are not empty vessels into which life pours itself unchecked. We can influence what happens to us and how we construe it.

We have the potential to create an environment for ourselves that gives us a rich and rewarding life, to influence our relationships with ourselves and others - to make them worthwhile and fulfilling. If we don't have the most enabling attitudes and values to begin with, we can certainly ensure that we learn them.

Journeying to Healing is a unique program that has been designed to combine both the healing principles of self-awareness and the power of the unconscious mind. This course offers the techniques to methodically establish, reinforce and achieve your goals and a unique DVD / video program to help you recognize and remove the unconscious blockages to your desire to improve the quality of your life.

Why use a DVD?

Moving images on a screen together with the spoken word are known to be a powerful hypnotic medium. Millions of people for a hundred years now have gone to the movies and willingly suspended their belief in a public yet very private place and let their imaginations soar. You can respond to and weave many messages on many levels through the flow of images and words. And that’s why there is a DVD component to this program.

Together, book and DVD combine in a revoluntary technique to offer a practical and inspiring route to feeling better.

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The Contents of the Manual / Journal include:

  1. WHY YOU NEED THIS PROGRAM     ( See sample below )
    How this program works

    Some strategies for using the program
    Understanding the way your mind works
    Creating new habits

    Introducing the procedure to use

    Why goals are important
    Setting clear, achievable goals
    Reviewing your goals

    Focusing your mind
    Harnessing your memory to achieve your goals
    Using your imagination to achieve your goals
    Using your imagination to strengthen your goals

    Achieving your goals a step at a time
    And the good news Is ....

    Reviewing your goals


    Reading Guide & References

Please note the DVD component is available in
PAL ( European standard TV ) and NTSC ( US standard TV )

$29.95 + P&H

ISBN 1 876687 12 6
Published 2005

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Journeying to Healing - ( excerpt from Chapter 1 Introduction )

In the course of living we constantly build an idea of what is the best possible life. The underlying issue of all our communication is to find out what others are doing, compare and then learn how to improve our own situation.

Because of the enormous scope of our communication and the options it constantly presents, the life models we chose for ourselves are often very difficult to achieve even with perfect health and unlimited energy.

Not all plans for the best possible life work out. Sometimes the challenges that life sends us can seem to be overwhelming. I know that chronic illness can affect not only our bodies but also our minds. If the illness has been with you for a long time you can end up despairing and angry.

Unfortunately with such an attitude you will end up working against your own best interests and well-being. Anger and despair actually get in the way of making the best use of what is happening to you. Used the right way even the worst experiences can help to transform us into someone more able to contribute to others and to ourselves rather than less.

Lesson 1. How to turn lead into gold

The first thing that you need to understand is that there is not just one version of reality which is real. Everything is personal interpretation, value and context - and it changes from moment to moment. Rock to a developer is landfill, to a paleontologist it could be where the traces of the major transitions of our planet are hidden. One man couldn’t care less about the rocks, the other could spend his life searching them.

If the way that I construct my world is not working for me then I can reconstruct it so that it works better. This includes choosing to see difficulties and set-backs as just chances to learn and to see happenings such as chronic illness not as disasters but obstacles to be overcome and even turned into life-enhancing opportunities for learning and growth.

The second important understanding is that it is not useful to make comparisons with the lot of others. There is always someone better off, more intelligent, more beautiful or handsome, more healthy and more fortunate in their friends and family than me. If I compare myself with these people I can end up in rage and despair. Why not compare myself instead with those less fortunate than me .... or better yet use only my own development and level of satisfaction with my life as a basis for comparison.

Lesson 2. Ours is a society of discontent

Whatever we have is not enough - we all want more, and more and more .... This makes for an epidemic of depression even amongst the healthiest and best endowed. For those who are coping with a chronic illness this attitude of discontent is a deadly killer of peace of mind. Fortunately it does not have to be the way that you view the world. If you lack peace of mind this is something that you can choose to change in ways that enhance your life.

It is a well known fact that your approach to your illness may affect it’s course. But even if it doesn’t, isn’t it good to know that you have the capacity to increase your own self esteem, your happiness and your ways of giving to others and receiving from them until you are genuinely self-respecting and confident? This program can teach you how to do it.

How this program works

The research, psychological theory and principles upon which the program is based, recognise that you already have an array of personal resources to give you self esteem. These personal resources include the natural ability to relax, to choose what you say to yourself (think) and an ability to choose what you pay attention to.

This program uses a potent set of techniques including some drawn from NeuroLinguistic Programming, guided imagery, cognitive restructuring and the teaching of self-hypnosis to help you to learn to discover and achieve new heights of self esteem and confidence.

It also includes a revolutionary new development. For the first time, the known ability of moving images on a screen to focus attention is harnessed in this way for therapeutic ends to increase your ability to learn and use self-hypnosis.

This program will teach you to recognise, extend and actually enjoy applying skills you already have. It will help you to learn new skills and enjoy applying these. With this learning you can have a sense of mastery over your the management of your own life and your self esteem.

As part of this process, the program will teach you how you can reconstruct your habitual ways of operating, to make your life more satisfying.

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