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Harnessing the Torrent

SUSIE ROTCH  Psychologist

A self-help and guided self-hypnosis course to help you take control and make effective use of your anger

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The HypnoBooks are a brilliant new development of image-based, self-help courses

Anger self help order page The HypnoBooks are an instruction manual and a DVD. They present a series of courses that incorporate the repeated screening of an hour long DVD program that affords you the time to enjoy a self-paced and deeply relaxing experience.

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Viewing the DVD quietly, safely in your own home, you can build up your skills of memory and imagination. These are the tools you need to invisage and then create a new outlook on your life. This is a self-administrated, self-help course to help you change the conscious and unconscious blockages that may be stopping you from living the life you want.

Firstly the HypnoBook manuals help you plan the course of your new life enjoying the re-directed energy of your anger. Then the trance-inducing DVD allows you to settle these new ideas into your unconscious and so fully resource yourself for the changes you want. The gentle hypnotic images providing self-help in an enjoyable and entertaining format.

Some assumptions about anger

Anger is a call to action
. What makes you angry and what you do with that unlocked energy can be entirely under your control. This program helps you discover the ways to step back from the tide of anger and find the delight of becoming familiar and friendly with your anger's wonderful capacity for giving you a sense of control over yourself and your life.

Harnessing the Torrent. will help you: ... learn to change your thinking ... learn to change your feelings ... make positive changes to your self-evaluation ... learn to change your habits and expectations ... focus on positives and learn to congratulate and reward yourself ... plan the right course of action to match the signals of your anger.

How this program works

The research, psychological theories and principles upon which this program is based recognize that you already have an array of personal resources to explore and enhance your natural ability to manage your anger effectively. These include the abilities to relax and choose what you pay attention too.

This guided program use a potent set of techniques, including some drawn from Neuro-Linguistic Programing, guided imagery, cognitive restructuring and the teaching of self-hypnosis.

Why use a DVD?

Moving images on a screen together with the spoken word are known to be a powerful hypnotic medium. Millions of people for a hundred years now have gone to the movies and willingly suspended their belief in a public yet very private place and let their imaginations soar. You can respond to and weave many messages on many levels through the flow of images and words. And that’s why there is a DVD component to this program.

Together, book and DVD combine to provide you with the tools to discover, learn and practice new ways of harnessing your anger and to build upon existing ways you already do this.

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The Contents of the Manual / Journal include:

  1. WHY YOU NEED THIS PROGRAM    ( See sample below )
    Why is it you can't control your anger?
    How this program works
    Some strategies for using the program
    Understanding the way your mind works
    Creating new habits

    Introducing the procedure to use

    Why goals are important
    Setting clear, achievable goals
    Reviewing your goals

    Focusing your mind
    Harnessing your memory to achieve your goals
    Using your imagination to achieve your goals
    Using your imagination to strengthen your goals

    Achieving your goals a step at a ime
    And the good news Is ....

    Reviewing your goals


    Reading Guide & References

Please note that the DVD component is available in PAL ( European standard TV ) and NTSC ( US standard TV )

$29.95 + P&H

ISBN 1 876687 18 5
Published 2005

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Harnessing the torrent of rage and anger - ( excerpt from Chapter 1 Introduction )

Why is it you can't control your anger?

Anger is a part of the awareness and expression of our individuality. In our society individuality is highly regarded but it has to conform to limits, We are allowed to behave as individuals as long as our actions don’t place limits on the same unique freedom in others.

So too with anger. We all need anger as a survival warning for our individuality, but it shouldn’t rule us or make us need to rule others.

Anger can be a powerhouse - of the good, the bad and the ridiculous. The tyrants, the protesters and the comedians all do different things with their anger. Some peoples’ anger crushes us, others make us howl with laughter. Wrong doing, anger and resolution are the essence of many stories - the engine room of the film and television industries. But this is guided anger - anger that fits into a scheme of life that alludes to balance. And balanced is where we want to be.

Frustrations, set-backs and disappointments are an inevitable part of everyone’s life. When they occur, we may respond with anger. Anger, at it’s most fundamental, is the intense inner turmoil, heightened body tension and (often) negative, critical thoughts that flow from frustration when the path to a goal is blocked or danger threatens.

Anger can and does serve a very useful function. It is built in to our basic biology (or, in computer language, our hardware) as a signal to alert us to the need for effective action to deal with frustration or danger. Well handled, it can work to your advantage as a trigger for problem-solving behaviour.

Anger can be a torrent that sweeps them along without any sense of being able to control it. It can cause people to act in impulsive or inappropriate ways or to freeze up when action of some sort is appropriate. This program seems at first sight to be for the people who tend to overreact rather than for those who freeze up. But if you do freeze up, it can be useful for you too as it may help you to find ways to deal with your anger that don’t leave you unable to act.

Both methods of being angry, raging and freezing leave you helpless to effectively address the issues that make you angry. This is what this program will explore and change.

If your anger is like a torrent, you know from bitter experience that you can do damage to others, perhaps harming your relationships with those who matter to you, like your partner, your children or your workmates who may become scared, defiant or resentful of you. You may also damage the self-esteem of the person with whom you are angry by saying or doing demeaning and cruel things.

If your torrent of anger leaves you stranded on it’s banks and frozen into inaction you will be aware how helpless and disrespected this makes you feel. You too may feel self-disgust and loathing. One of the aims of this program is to release you to take positive action and deal with your anger in a way that respects you but does not harm the other. You will find that you will learn new and constructive ways to manage your anger and to turn it into that useful signal which I spoke of before. That’s why this program is called Harnessing the Torrent.

This program will help you to use anger as a signal, which can help you to pick the right course of action to fix the problem causing the frustration.

Sometimes this will mean finding new strategies, sometimes confronting people or negotiating with them and sometimes you will find it best to re-evaluate how realistic your goals are and, if necessary, change them. Learning to use anger as a signal to positive action is what this program is all about.

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