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Leading Psychotherapy Groups

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About Susie

Author Susie Rotch

Susie has worked successfully as a psychotherapist and teacher for 38 years. During that time she has sought to find the interlocking elements between the diverse skills and evolving theories that make the spirit and and practice of up-to-date clinical psychology.

SUSIE ROTCH  Psychologist


Susie chose to study psychology for her own survival.
Like many other leading lights in today’s science and art, Susie Rotch is the child of Holocaust survivors. Susie was drawn to psychology and self-responsibility to cope with intimate experience of what is politely termed ‘the failure of civilization’. We are all subtly drawn towards what we most need - to find a balance, to seek peace or to find an understanding about who we are.

The business of self discovery.
Somewhat overshadowed by the constant technological advances in everyday life, the topic of understanding the world and ourselves is an ever-increasing, worldwide inquiry that was just about nonexistent 50 years ago. And while we can only work at understanding the ways of the world Susie believes we can take steps to positively change our attitudes and reactions to that world.

Breaking chains that were never there.
We voluntarily or involuntarily construct our view of the world and our place in that world. The role of psychology is to help reveal the choices we have made and then the choices we can make to better enjoy our lives. Psychotherapy is not a medical treatment handed out and controlled by strangers. It is a very personal, self-controlled, existential process that aims to change for the better our understanding of ourselves and the world.

The Living Skills Library is a distillation of Susie's 3 decades of practical psychotherapy experience into a series of professional self-education and universal self-hypnosis courses.

'Leading Psychotherapy Groups - Becoming an Expert Group Therapist'.
This is a twelve month, self training course. It is the most comprehensive and practical publication on this topic. The 580 page manuals come with four DVDs illustrating the key concepts and many examples of group interactions recorded during an eight week, 38 hour Personal Growth Group
. This ground-breaking publication also has an Administrators Manual for teaching Group Therapy Leadership in a structured, learning group setting.

'Leadership: How to get the VERY BEST from your Teaching or Training Group' is an innovative course in explaining and applying psychological models to use in all learning groups.

The HypnoBooks offer a step-by-step manual / workbook and highly-crafted DVD presentation which make available to the general public a guided path to self exploration and voluntary behavior change. While both 'Leadership' and the HypnoBooks address different issues they are both driven by Susie's desire to teach the processes of self empowerment - an experience missing from her own early life.

The inspiration of the Self Help Cinema HypnoBooks:
or an astounding leap forward into the blindingly obvious.
Hypnosis has been successfully used therapeutically for many years as has self-hypnosis. This less common behaviour-changing technique requires some self knowledge and the ability to focus attention. Movies have become a universal means of inducing very narrowly focussed attention. So why not combine the two? Susie did just that with the Self Help Cinema Hypnobook series.

The HypnoBooks. Each HypnoBook title has it’s own 60 minute DVD that integrates Susie's commentary with enthralling multilayered images gently flowing with natural rhythms. The spoken word and the screen images synchronize with a slow natural heartbeat, a picture and sound combination that produces a very powerful, calming effect to help unlock the power of the mind.

There is a page of explanation about hypnosis on What is Hypnosis?
There is a page of frequently asked questions about hypnosis Hypnosis FAQ
There is a page about an additional publication by Susie Hypnosis as a Psychotherapy Tool.

The current release of the HypnoBooks includes, Sleeping Like a Baby, ( sleep disorders ),
Rising above Pain ( pain management ), Growing in Self Esteem ( building self confidence )
Riding the Waves ( sensual / sexual wakening ), Harnessing the Torrent ( anger management ),
Journeying to Healing ( managing and over coming the effects of chronic illness ).
Diverting from Depression ( to help overcome and avoid depression ), Flight with Delight ( air travel phobias ).
Overcoming Anxiety ( to help enjoy a calm and confident life)

The second part of the HypnoBook series to be released includes:
Talking up a Storm ( Public speaking phobias ),
World at your Fingertips ( nail biting ).
A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body ( body image).
Through the Wall   ( PTSD ).

Leadership for learning groups HypnoBook link

How  to get the VERY BEST from your teaching or learning group.

Self help self hypnosis

The HypnoBooks:
Self help with self hypnosis.

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